MRPL also offers Automatex a Bobbin Transport system tailored made for spinning and speed Frames as per customer’s requirement. Various models are available in Automatex Bobbin Transport System to fulfil customer requirements.


  • Equipped with a unique designed rigid structure for stability.
  • powered and driven by an efficient drive train
  • Controlled by electro Magnetic system


  • A. Automa Tex –M Manual Bobbin Transport System
  • B. Automa Tex –S Closed loop Semi Automatic Bobbin Transport System
  • C. Automa Tex –A Automatic Storage Bobbin system Transport


  • Solid design with state of the art technology
  • Rigid structural track system
  • Manual, Semi and Fully automatic options
  • Designed for all counts and frequent product changes in the Ring Frames
  • Simplified Electro- Mechanical system
  • Abatement of total Number of Motors
  • Optimum cost of installation and maintenance
  • Electronic Control Panel
  • Optional –On line Fiber Bobbin cleaning unit for Fiber opening.

Quality advantages:

  • First in and first out concept.
  • Avoid manual handling of Bobbin, thus improving quality of yarn.
  • Avoid intermediate storage
  • Avoid mix up of yarn counts
  • Quality assurance and enhancement.


  • Labour savings compared to manual transport
    • By reducing manual contact
    • By reducing operators travel between machines.
  • Improved ergomics.
  • Optimize Space Utilization
  • Control on quantity of trolleys.
  • Reduce maintenance Cost