Kleen TEX B is BELT DRIVEN and designed to meet the requirement of the textile industry keeping an eye on the power consumption. It is absolutely suitable to be installed in all environments where safety rules impose for all electric component a minimum degree of safety against dust

The link Spinning Frames can be covered by one OHTC equipped with two blowing pipes , one on each side suitable for cleaning both machines. OHTC is provided with 4 suction pipes on two sides ofeach machine consisting an upper part in flexible material and a lower part with a shock proof PVC.

The Range includes,

  • Speed Frames
  • Ring Frames
  • Auto and Manual Winder
  • Open End Spinning
  • Weaving Machines
  • Doubling Machines
  • Twisting Machines
  • Warping Machines


Kleen TEX B with the latest technology is suitable for Bobbin Transport system to cover speed Frame and Ring Frame with auto duffing. For speed frames guarantee a high degreee of cleanliness by providing continuous blowing and suction to the drafting system to other critical areas.


  • Energy Efficient Motor.
  • Aero dynamic design with uniform air flow.
  • Adjustable blowing attachment
  • Powder coated parts for longer life
  • Innovative design with manual discharge, CWC’s not required

Suitable for

Automatic/Manual Waste Collection system, Link Coner arrangement .Rocos Suction Arrangement.