Kleen TEX P OHTC is provided with 4 suction pipes on both sides of the machine consisting of an upper part with a flexible material and lower part with shock proof PVC. the position on outside of the blowing pipes allows a perfect floor cleaning in both the moving direction. Blowing pipes equipped with nozzles of different section , length and inclination in order to blow on critical areas and various parts of the textile machine.

  • Cleans the machine, the material and the environment.
  • Reduces yarn breakages.
  • Improves the quality of yarn
  • Increases the productivity.


  • Solid design with the state of the Art technology.
  • Stable twin track system.
  • Powder coated steel sheet housing.
  • Primary current supply through enclosed safety contact rail.
  • Thermistor protected fan and drive motors.
  • Easily accessible micro filter screen
  • Splash lubricated Gear unit.
  • Electronic and PLC controls.
  • Non contact reversal system.